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due to my brothers death, and no will, children or wife, his house is or was foreclosed on.. the house was to be auctioned off at the court house steps..but didn't sell...there are many leins on the house...what happens to the house if no one buys it. Who's responsibility is it? Does the city take it? Does the liens always stay with the house? it has set for a year now, with no activity there...the house is in an upgraded neighborhood. Looks wonderful from outside (little bungalo). Just what happens to this house? I am receiving bills, though they come to my address, they are in his I at all responsible for any of this? At one time, I called the loan company, and tried to purchase the house. They told me since I was not on the loan, they could not talk to that time, I told them I was "walking out", they had no one else to talk to, being I was his closest relative...they still wouldn't talk to I don't want the house, since I found the amount of leins on it... Thank you for any advice you can give me..

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  1. Is there a probate in progress? if so then the house belongs to the estate and the rest of the estate assets should be used to settle the debt. If the estate is overall insolvent then the probate will follow a process more like a bankruptcy to allot a percentage.

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