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FOR NADINE MARIE JETT Hi, I wish I could retain you! Re: Divorce

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When an ex files an incomplete fl-120, does the judge decide the other matters? She doesn't agree to joint legal custody, attorneys fees or property, but we're both in pro per, so there are NO attorney fees and the property is an old car bought with non marital funds. She filed/served no I & E, No property, no nothing. I want to finish this divorce. will this hold it up? Thanks. You rock

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No it won't. If it contested, it will be slow anyways and the FL-120 doesn't control necessarily.

This is not a comprehensive answer and it is impossible to provide a meaningful response without a consultation. Call us for more information. 619.797.5456


Sounds like all you really need is help preparing the paperwork? If so, contact Family Services and they should be able to help. If they cannot help, there are a number of lawyers (like me) that will process the paperwork for a flat fee.


fastest way to complete your divorce: Draft, serve and file your Preliminary and Final Declarations of Disclosure (PDD and FDD) and your Declaration of Service of Declaration of Disclosure (the court cannot grant divorce until you do) and set the matter for Settlement Conference and trial. If she doesn't serve her PDD and FDD that could be a bump in the road but the court will eventually order her to provide it or allow you to go forward without it.

Thomas Neil is a Sacramento attorney, with 20 years experience, representing clients in court in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and surrounding counties. Or, if you cannot afford full representation then Mr. Neil can instead write you the forms and declaration you need, help you serve them, and tell you what to say and you can go to court by yourself. A well written declaration by an attorney, supported by proper evidence, will GREATLY increase your chances of success in court. Our office takes credit cards.

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