For irs taxes and offers of Compromise, about what range of time can a response from the irs e expected?

I hesitated to ask this question as I figure the response is "it depends." The reason I ask is this is all very stressful and I'd like to have some idea of what to expect. Is there some range of time that most people hear back (eg, it's unusual to hear back before 2 months; 80% hear back within six months...????).

Laingsburg, MI -

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Robert J. Hoffman

Robert J. Hoffman

Tax Lawyer - Marina Del Rey, CA

Usually an Offer in Comprmise will be assigned within about 4 months from when you send it to the IRS. Lately, I've had a couple get picked up in a month or two, and one that's been waiting for assignment for almost a year. Sometimes it depends on how much money is at stake.

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Ronald J Cappuccio

Ronald J Cappuccio

Tax Lawyer - Cherry Hill, NJ

Normally, you should plan on 9 months to 1 year. it depends on the type of offer and the amount. You should have a good tax lawyer prepare the Offer In Compromise.

Good luck!

Ron Cappuccio

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Brian Joseph Munson

Brian Joseph Munson

Tax Lawyer - New Orleans, LA

my experience has been that they sit for about a year. Then, they can take up to another year to finalize everything. It is not a quick process, and your interest will continue to accrue during the whole process. Plus, there is no guarantee the offer will be accepted. For all these reasons, it is important to have someone experienced prepare this.

See the link for some info on this.

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