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For burglury habitation they fame him four years does he do the whole 4 yrs?

San Antonio, TX |

He has no criminal background

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Your question is missing a lot of important information. However I understand your question to be how long will someone sentenced to 4 years for burglary of a habitation actually serve.

The answer is no one can tell you upfront. Parole decisions in Texas are made by the Parole Board an are based upon factors connected with the offense and the inmate's behavior while in custody. After the inmate has been at the TDCJ Inmate Transfer Facility for at least 60 days, that persons status on the TDCJ Inmate Tracker will reflect the earliest possible date for parole and the mandatory release date, if any. Until then, everything is a pure wild guess.

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He was sentenced on 1/3/13 he has no criminal hist. Right now he's in the bexar county jail.. He's a trustee n planing on getting into other hobbies there. He has to do 1/3rd of 4 yr I was told. what's is 1/3rd of four years?


Probably not. When parole is granted is up to the parole board. Technically, he will be eligible in less than a year (including his backtime). But no one can tell you with any certainty when he will be released.

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He was sentenced on 1/3/2013 for four years when I called his lawyers helper cuz his lawyer don't tell me nothing she said he has to do 1/3rd of his time, he's doesn't have a criminal background this is his 1st time. So what's is 1/3rd of four years.. Y'all r awesome for telling me at least something

Macy Michelle Jaggers

Macy Michelle Jaggers


I will pull out my eligibility guidelines when I'm at my desk tomorrow. They may be on the TDCJ website.


Depends on many factors including his behavior, his participation in prison programs, crowding, etc. Some times those with shorter sentences get "serve alls" which means they serve all their time instead of getting parole. However, he may be paroled, especially since he is a first offender (although it is rather questionable his background that he got time on a first offense.....)

Cynthia Henley

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