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For a speeding infraction in California, what can a lawyer do for me in court that I can't do representing myself?

San Diego, CA |

Am I much more likely to get a speeding one point infraction charge reduced or dismissed with a lawyer then without? Why?

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An attorney can make all appearances for you. You do not have takeoff work or miss school. If the officer does not show at trial your case will be dismissed . Often times attorneys can get officers to reduce charges to non point moving violations. This is huge as your ignorance dies not go up. Often times attorneys can get fines reduced or traffic school where you might not be eligible because of fast speed.



Agreed.. And if it does go to trial without getting amended or reduced do you really know how to cross examine the officer?


In addition to what was already mentioned, an attorney knows whether the evidence the officer has is valid- such as calibration records, speed surveys, etc, where you may not know to object to the evidence. It could be worth having an attorney on your case. Also, in San Diego, when you have an attorney you do not pay the fine up front but wait until the trial date to see what happens.


Can you afford to find out the hard way?



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Put your best defense on. To do that use someone that's experienced. Attorneys are experienced so put your best foot forward not a feeble attempt. Also attorneys can perform discovery and if
done correctly case will get dismissed.

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