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Food Stamp Question - Am I'm In Trouble?

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Today I went to recitified my food stamp benefit. I'm college student doing work-study so I took that as proof of employment. I'm going to stop collecting unemployment this week so I told her that I'm not receiving unemployment. Since is a federal office, she stated that I do receive unemployment and she have to include it. She almost made an scene saying she was going to call the supervisor etc but she didn't.

I got accepted for food stamp and everything was fine. But I'm just worry for the fact that she made it seem that I lied to her. I clearly told her that the last time I did unemployment was on Sunday and she said but you receiving your check today. Which I just tried to say that it was my last time applying so for that reason I said no.

In addition, I got the unemployment pay check with me just if they asked me for it. She also mentioned that work-study doesn't count as income but unemployment does. That may it seem that she believed me that I didn't lie (which I didn't) but I will like to know what could happen or if I'm trouble just because of this situation that happened today. Thank you for your time

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As I do not work in the Federal Office, I cannot tell you for sure how things will turn out. I can tell you my best guess from your description of the conversation.

You are correct that you made a mistake. When dealing with federal benefits, it is always best to be open about your situation. You would not want them to award you benefits and then later learn that you had not qualified, and then they will sometimes demand the value of the benefits back. This happens often in Social Security.

The fact that you actually qualified for food stamps, combined with the fact that they now have all of the information, leads me to believe that you will have no further trouble.

If I were in the place of a food stamps representative, I would not pay out benefits and then investigate or penalize later. If I had a problem with you, I would simply deny you benefits right from the start.

My guess is that you are just fine and can stop worrying.

As may be stated elsewhere on this site, my comments should not be construed as legal advice. Until I have signed an attorney fee agreement with you, I do not represent you. Reviewing comments by attorneys on any website can be helpful, but should not be considered a replacement for representation by actual legal counsel.


I agree with Mr. Prigmore.

When dealing with any agency that is providing you with assistance of any type, you should always disclose everything and let them determine what is and what is not relevant.

As Mr. Prigmore stated, the worst thing is to not provide information, whether it is intentional or accidental, that is later determined to be relevant and then you have to pay back money and/or have criminal charges brought against you.

With all of that said, I also agree that you should be alright because they do have all the information and you were approved for the assistance.


I agree with Mr. Prigmore.

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