FOID card delay with Juvenile record? (11 years ago, 15 years old at the time)

ISP has determined that there needs to be further review of my application due to an arrest I had for retail theft(less than $10,first and last time) from 11 years ago when I was 15 years old at the time. I am unsure if it was a felony or misdemeanor? I went through a peer review court and did community service. I have nothing else on my record since then. I have been able to obtain jobs with extensive degrees of background checks since then without any issue, background checks with fingerprinting requirements..etc I was told that my application is neither approved nor denied, what should i expect? they said all that shows is a retail theft nothing more and that is why it needs further review I am unsure if it has been expunged/sealed, i will be visiting the circuit court on Monday.

Hoffman Estates, IL -

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Luke Allen Thomas

Luke Allen Thomas

Criminal Defense Attorney - Beardstown, IL

If you were charged with a misdemeanor in your juvenile court case, send a follow-up letter to ISP with a certified copy of the Petition and certified copy of the dispositional order. They must issue your card with 30 days.

If you still do not have your card issued, you can, in some circumstances, petition the county circuit court in the county in which you live. You should plan on being aggressive, as ISP is notorious for delays and playing judge and jury when it comes to FOID cards. I have successfully challenged ISP in numerous occasions to reinstate FOID card privileges when they said it wasn't possible to issue the FOID card. Don't let a non-attorney ISP officer tell you what your rights are. Hire an attorney.

Good luck!

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Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

I agree with Counsel Thomas, you have to protect your legal rights aggressively. The rule of thumb is that any Illinois resident over 21 without any felony convictions is eligible for an FOID issuance. The arrest for retail theft is NOT an evidence of guilt or conviction from any legal standpoint.
Please secure a certified court disposition of that matter from 11 years ago in the court which had jurisdiction of that case at the time. I would suggest meeting with a criminal defense attorney to draft a strong letter to the ISP with all the bona fide proofs of ABSENCE of any precluding felony or misdemeanor convictions (like domestic battery, for instance). No one could expire your Constitutional rights capriciously for any reason if you eligible, that is why still keep the U.S. a free country.

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