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Florida personal injury law, procedure for filing claim against at fault driver

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My husband was driving his 2002 ford ranger when a lady ran a stop sign and hit him. It turns out that he needs an axle. Both he and the person who hit him has insurance with State Farm. We went with a "preferred business" of State Farm's to repair our vehicle. They put three unacceptable axles on our vehicle. My husbands truck is in excellent condition and only has 30,000 miles on it. We feel that our vehicle should be returned to as close as can be to the original condition. It appears that State Farm likes to deal with used parts. We have been getting pieces of junk put on our truck. The first part had 86,000 miles on it and they later decided that it was a bad part. The second part had "roughly" 60,000 miles on it. The last axle has a gash in it, the gear box has been opened and resealed with silicon and the brake fluid was leaking everywhere. We feel that we deserve an axle on our truck with at least 30,000 miles or less. State Farm has also failed to take care of us as a client. We have had to be on the phone almost daily for at least an hour trying to get information from them on this matter. They can't help us and we feel that State Farm and City Collision have been trying to put junk parts on our truck. They agreed to fix the leaking brake fluid, but they are done with our vehicle after that. Do we have any rights?

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Your situation is not unusual. I would recommend that you retain an attorney to work with State Farm to address your property damage concerns. You should not be left with parts that are not working properly on your vehicle. I would also recommend that you attempt to iron down one person at State Farm to limit the run around when you are calling in. Don't be afraid to ask for a supervisor when you call State Farm.


State Farm may not have to provide new parts for your husband's truck but you do not have to accept used parts that are defective or completely inferior to the parts you had prior to the accident. I would suggest that you make an appointment to see your State Farm representative in person to discuss the problems with getting the truck repaired to your satisfaction. If that doesn't work, I would suggest that you speak with an attorney about any other legal options that you could take against State Farm.

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