FL dui requiring interlock system 1st offense will GA also require this?

Asked almost 3 years ago - Tampa, FL

I received a DUI in FL almost done paying fines and will be off probation soon. FL requires interlock system for 6 months to get license back. Moving to GA soon after probation is done. Should I get license and interlock in FL then transfer license to GA? O

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    Answered . Georgia will probably make you comply with the restrictions FL has imposed, then get reinstated in FL before they will issue you a license in GA. So yes, get your license and interlock in FL so that you comply with their restrictions.

    The question is, if you move to GA, can you drive in GA with a FL license and interlock? If you have a valid restricted license in FL because you have an IID installed, then you should be OK to drive in GA, but you may want to call the GA DMV to be sure. You may have some issues with the FL interlock out of state because most companies have to re-calibrate the device every 60 days or so. You are best to choose an IID company that has branches in GA as well as FL.

    You probably will not be able to get GA to issue you a GA license until FL releases you of the restriction and reinstates your license. Reinstatement is usually not automatic, so you will have to go to DMV in FL or call them to get reinstated if they don't have online services.

    You also do not want to disconnect the IID with your FL provider unless the FL DMV approves it because you may get a violation

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    Answered . When did you enter the plea? You may have difficulty obtaining a license in GA if your privilege is suspended in FL. You are going to have difficulty obtaining an interlock and taking it to GA as you are expected to have it calibrated once per month.

    If you have already served the suspension (you are eligible for a full license with an interlock restriction) you will be in a much better position.

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    Answered . Under the existing Interstate Compact, even if you move to Georgia, the requirements of the Florida Court which convicted you must still be complied with. Consult with your DUI attorney, but it is highly likely that you will still be required to pay for and use the interlock system. Good Luck.

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