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First time misdemeanor in Florida

Miami, FL |

My friend was arrested and charged for petty theft (didn't pay in the taxi cab) and resisting an officer w/o violence. She was drunk and don’t remember. She is 21 years old, college student. That’s her first time (and I’m sure the last). Her family can’t afford to pay a lawyer. She doesn’t know what to do. Please HELP!!!

Is somebody willing to do PRO BONO? Would she be able to get into the diversion program without a lawyer?

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Can't afford to pay a lawyer? How valuable is her future to her? Well, she should listen to her public defender. He or she will know what to do. If this is her first time, she should be eligible for diversion.


I agree with Mr. Waggoner. If she doesn't have money to hire a private attorney, she should contact the public defender.


I can help your friend. Have her give me a call at (305) 374-3998. I understand that she can not afford to pay an attorney. I remember what it is like to be 21, drunk and in college. I'd be happy to help her out -but please tell her to be sober when she calls!

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