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First-time misdemeanor. College Student. Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

Memphis, TN |

I was previously an employee at a retail company, where I worked for less than one month, and I was caught stealing a few snacks (approximately 3 cokes over a few days) and also some RAM (computer part) and charged with a misdemeanor and fired from the company. I am a first-time offender and a college student. The court date is approximately one month from now, but how can I make this completely go away and not go on my record? What type of attorney do I need? I'm looking for an outcome where I pay a fee instead of jail time or probation since I will be moving back to the dorm for college and I will be graduating soon.

Extra: The total written on the citation by the officer totaled to approximately $94 dollars.

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    You need a criminal defense atty who had the experence to get this off your record. As a college student, you can't have a record of stealing from your employers and ever hope to get a job.

    Claiborne H. Ferguson, Esq. is * Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. * Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization.

  2. You definitely need a criminal defense attorney. As a young person with your professional life ahead of you, it is imperative that you try to achieve an outcome that keeps your record clean. Employers nowadays do thorough background checks and you will lose out on opportunities with a theft on your record. Fortunately, you should be eligible for Diversion. This option allows you to enter a conditional plea of guilty and after a successful probationary period, your charge is dismissed. Hire a lawyer right away.

  3. The other attorneys are correct about needing a criminal defense attorney. But you may also end up having to deal with judicial affairs or disciplinary proceedings at tour college or university. If judicial affairs does end up pursuing this matter, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney to represent you in that process as well.

    Best of luck!

  4. There's no question that you need an attorney. Any criminal conviction would stay with you for the rest of your life and affect any job potential you may have. There are certain programs such as diversion which will keep your record clean. Hire a criminal defense attorney before going to court so that you will be properly represented. You may contact me if you wish to discuss your case.

    Nothing in this communication should be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship. I provide this service for educational purposes only. I will take no action on your behalf unless you have hired me and a written retainer agreement is signed. I am licensed only in Tennessee and I strongly suggest you consult with an attorney in your city and state as Statute of Limitation deadlines can limit your recovery.

  5. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney who can possibly get this dismissed and expunged from your record.This is part of the law that potentially happens just once in your life because you have never been in trouble before.Therefore when you graduate and fill out a job application ,you can say you have never been charged with a crime.This is something by law ,your elgible for and not automatic. Your attorney would have to get the district attorney to agree to it. Good luck!

  6. You may be able to go with the Public Defender at get a diversionary program. This would save you the expense of getting a lawyer with likely the same outcome. Without getting all the facts it's hard to say with certainty that this is your best option. Good luck.

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