First time Domestic Battery married both drunk I am the one charged not him, but he lost footing, fell down stairs hurt

My daughter stated I pushed him, I do not remember that aspect of it, he was in my face, and we were both shouting and drunk, He bought the liquior that night for us both.. How should I plea?

Panama City, FL -

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Jimmy Allen Davis

Jimmy Allen Davis

Criminal Defense Attorney - Deltona, FL

I recommend you stop discussing this matter on a public forum and obtain a criminal defense attorney. If this is your first offense, a skilled attorney should be able to plea you down (or maybe even get the charges dropped for lack of evidence) and get you into a program to seek help for any drinking and anger management problems you have. You should not face the criminal justice system on your own.

Good luck.

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Amber Hill

Amber Hill

Criminal Defense Attorney - Saint Petersburg, FL

Hire an attorney or if you can't afford one, you will have one appointed to you. Discuss your case with your attorney. They will advise you on the merits of your case, find out the State's position on your case and determine whether or not the victim wants to co-operate.

James Regan

James Regan

Violent Crime Lawyer - Fort Pierce, FL

Time to sober up because it is in your daughter's best interests.

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You are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The likelihood of a positive outcome- exoneration or a mitigated sentence- is increased with the help of an experienced criminal litigator. Seek out an experienced criminal litigator for a free consultation. If you cannot find one on Avvo, search at Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( Speak to several that offer free consultation. Hire one that you feel comfortable with and you can afford. FACDL find a lawyer:

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