First Speeding Ticket, Should I plead 'Not Guilty'?

Asked about 1 year ago - Shelton, CT

On the 4th of July, I received a speeding ticket in Vernon, CT for 84 on a 65. I was driving on the left lane, saw a bunch of cars coming behind me and I wanted to allow them to pass by moving to right lanes, when I started crossing into middle lane, I felt cars coming in the middle lane was quite fast, so for my own safety I had to accelerate and quickly moved to right most lane, and since it was a down hill car accelerated a bit more by gravity. By the time, I realized i was safe and began to start decelerating, I was pulled over and i got the ticket. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Thomas E. McCabe

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    Answered . I would plead not guilty get a court date and see if you can reduce the fine at least by speaking with the prosecutor. I would be happy to appear and work out a deal for you. Feel free to contact me at Regards, Thomas McCabe

  2. Michael J Palumbo


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    Answered . should retain counsel. They can go to court for you so you don't have to; defend your case the right way; and save you money in the long run. 1-877-99-NO-TIX (1-877-996-6849).

  3. Michael R Denison

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    Answered . I know that receiving a speeding ticket can be vexing, but you have to make a reasoned decision: Do I pay the ticket or doI fight the ticket. I don't know what your driving history is. If you have other tickets you might want to fight. If you don't you might want to pay it and move-on.

    First, read the back of the ticket carefully. You will see that if you elect to mail in the fine the DMV will NOT charge points against your license. A clean license may appeal to you, it might not. Next consider your insurance rate. Some companies forgive a first offense. Some only count points. Some surcharge. Check with your agent or company.

    Next, consider the cost of hiring an attorney. It varies, but can exceed the cost of paying the ticket. Also consider the time away from work for one or more appearances - in Connecticut you must appear whether or not you have an attorney. You may be able to bargain for a reduced fine; but, the cost of the fine and attorney plus lost work may make it not worthwhile.

    Lastly, yes, at a hearing you may be found not guilty - but that is the exception not the rule - even if you have an attorney. This is just a fact of life in Connecticut. If after you take everything into consideration you want to fight the charge by all means do so. However, if this is a first offense or you have no other convictions, it may not make economic sense. I'm sorry that I cannot paint a better picture for you.

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  4. Edward James Garey

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    Answered . Definitely plead guilty and fight the ticket. Pay attention to the date on the citation by which you must respond. You must request your court date prior to that date unless you get an extension. Retain an attorney to handle all of these things for you. In most cases you won't even need to appear in court. Good luck!

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