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First speeding citation-- I am almost certain that I was not doing said speed, but can't prove it. How should I plead?

Orlando, FL |

I was recently cited for doing 40/25. However, at the time when I passed the stopped police car, I know I wasn't going very fast. The officers (there were 2 in the car and one appeared to be training) trailed me for miles before they pulled me over, so I can't say EXACTLY what speed I was going when they got me on radar. I want them to prove that I was doing that speed at the time I passed them, and not later while they were following me. Do both officers have to be present in court? It just doesn't sit right with me to just pay, and I feel I should plead not guilty, but I am afraid that I won't be able to prove it. It is my first ticket, and I need advice on what to plead-- not guilty, no contest (and ask for traffic school or withhold of adjudication, or just pay and do traffic school.

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  1. I would contact Booby Azcano at The Ticket Clinic. It will be the best $99 you ever spent.

  2. The burden isn't on you to prove anything. The burden is on the Cop to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were speeding. I agree, contact the ticket clinic in orlando. Bobby is the man!

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