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First offense petty larceny charge

Norman, OK |

I was caught in a local department store doing something stupid in a desperate situation. I was banned from the store and told to set a court date. this is my first offense ever doing anything like this and it is not something that would ever happen again. The amount was not told to me but i believe it was around $200. I do not know how to plea or where to go from here? Is it possible for this to not go on my record? I am in nursing school and have financial aid and this would ruin everything i have worked hard for.

at the time of the offense i was not taken in to jail. i was cited and then released and told to set a court not sure if that is information you need to answer.

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Suggest that you take the "citation" to a local criminal attorney/ From your post it is not clear if the cops ever showed up. In my experience, admittedly in CA, a citation has a court date on it. MAybe in OK the citee has to contact the court for those arrangements, so see a local attorney as to what you actually have.

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Sounds like you are being charged with a criminal offense. The best advice you can receive here is to get a lawyer to assist you ASAP. S/he can best advise and guide you and be able to negotiate the best possible disposition for you. Dont try to go at this alone.


It may be possible to keep this off of your record through a plea deal since it is a first offense.

In Oklahoma, the charge requires you to go in front of a judge and carries the possibility of jail time. So hiring an attorney is advisable.

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