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First offense Dui , no drivers liscense, and caused a collision involving 2 car's on the freeway.

Las Vegas, NV |

Basically, my best friend was driving her mother's car and wrecked her mother's car worth(40,000) dollars she was charged with these 3 misdemeanor's above, and she's 26 yrs. of age. The people are injured ,but not life threatening in the accident, Just would like to know what will happen? and how much is this going to be costly?? if this is your first offense?

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  1. If nobody was seriously injured and its a misdemeanor DUI, she can expect at a minimum to attend DUI classes and pay a fine. It also depends on how high her alcohol level was; she may have to do an alcohol abuse assessment and attend additional counseling. There are a lot of different factors to consider. She should consult with an attorney.

  2. The other attorney that has commented here didn't say anything about a day or two in jail. I am not familiar with the NV law for DUI but I assume there is at least a day in jail on your first offense if you are over the limit for alcohol? Or maybe you can have it converted to electronic home monitoring on your first offense.
    Pray the injuries to the other people remain minor. Serious injuries to people make these type of case very different then a simple misdemeanor charge of DUI. Consult a local attorney immediately.

  3. Definitely need an attorney as there are a myriad of factors that could affect the outcome. In FL DUI sentencing is driven by Statute with little deviation. Find a local lawyer and yes it'll likely be pricey.

  4. The previous responses regarding the minimum penalties for a first time DUI are correct. The concern is whether the prosecutors will upgrade the DUI to a felony DUI depending on the extent of the injuries.

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  5. At least:
    1. DUI School:
    2. Victim Impact Panel:
    3. $585 fine

    Like Ben mentioned, perhaps an alcohol addiction evaluation (which brings more classes and perhaps counseling).

    There might be an additional fine for the 'due care' although often that will be negotiated out with the DUI plea.

    Clark County, Nevada practitioner.

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