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First offense domestic violence charges

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I recently had to call the cops for domestic violence charges on my girlfriend. Long story short, while in public, she was screaming quit hitting me, while she was the aggressor. So I made the call to the cops personally, before anyone else could make the call, because I was not about to go to jail for some crazy girl. They arrested her and charged her with domestic violence. Court is coming up soon, and I was wondering what she would be looking at. If i drop the charges, I understand the prosecuter can pick up the charges. What kind of punishment is she looking at?

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Actually, you can't drop the charges, only the prosecutor can do that. You can tell the prosecutor that you don't want your girlfriend charged, but they frequently ignore the victims when they say this. Politics are involved and the prosecutors do not want to appear to be soft on domestic violence. Assuming your girlfriend did not cause serious injury and did not use a deadly weapon, she should be charged with simple assault, which is a misdemeanor, usually punishable up to 1 year in jail and a $5,000 fine. First time offenders are more likely to have their jail sentences and fines suspended and be placed on probation for a certain number of years. She may be required to take anger management and/or domestic violence classes as well.

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my son was arrested the ex-girlfriend with prior history of abuse by her to my son and all documented with the police station came to the house and started hitting him he tried to hold her from continuing and she started screaming and called the cops he has bruises and they would not allow him to talk during the arrest i bailed him out. he has no priors on anything clean record. i have all the paperwork from the prior incident which was no arrest but this time he was arrested and she didnt.



she had been calling him to tell him she wanted to hurt herself, when she called the cops she did not call from her phone she used my house phone



what can be the outcome at his court date 1/10/13

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