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Firing court appointed lawyer?

Houston, TX |

I have a court appointed lawyer, and in my opinion is not worth the showed he wears.

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Sorry, you usually can not pick or choose court appointed lawyers if they are appointed because you cannot afford to retain counsel. Try to get a meeting with the attorney to express your concerns, or put them in writing and send them to him or her. See if you can find some reasons why his opinion is not valid, and speak to other people about the issue, including on this site if you can do it without incriminating yourself or disclosing confidential information.

Or use library research resources, books on your problem or google. You'll probably have a better handle on your legal issues and can perhaps have a more informed talk with your attorney and perhaps even suggest other approaches. You'd be amazed with what a google search can tell you about possible defenses to criminal charges or the relevant laws and procedures.

Or you can beg or borrow money from friends or family to retain private counsel, perhaps if just for a "second opinion" Most attorneys on this site agree that public defenders and assigned counsel try to do a good job and are conscientious, however they are often overwhelmed with case loads and cannot provide the individual attention that a privately retained attorney might provide.

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I'm sorry, but I don't know. This is much more of a a criminal law issue than an ethics one, so I have edited the practice area and tags you selected so that you will receive responses from lawyers who specialize in criminal defense.

Good luck.


The court approves the court appointed attorneys before it makes the appointments. So I doubt the court will aggree that your attorney is unqualified. You can complain to the judge. It may work, but that would be unusual. You are, of course, free to retain an attorney at any time.

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