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Fired for replacing missing or broken tools at work? Company policy states they will replace tools.

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Everyone in my department has replaced tools at some time or another. My lead has it out for me and as soon as I replaced some tools that went missing or broke he went to the department head to fire me. I think I am being unfairly targeted because I am Native American, Mexican, and White. The tools I bought are used only at work and upon my departure they stayed there. Is there anything I can do or am I just s.o.l.?

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Enforcing a company policy is legal. Selectively enforcing it based on race may not be.

Take your evidence of selective enforcement based on race to a local attorney to review and investigatie

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They key here is that "everyone in my department has replaced tools." If that is true, why were you fired for doing this. You should file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if the company has more than 15 employees. You might have been the victim of discrimination.

This response does not create a lawyer client relationship. Each case is determined on its specific facts and this reply is intended for a general audience and facts particular to your case may affect the answer. Consult with an attorney in person for specific answers to your questions.

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The prior answers are correct, you may have a discrimination claim. It depends on evidence showing the reason you were treated differently was because of your ethnicity. You may also have rights based on a union contract or policy manual providing for progressive discipline -- it is worth giving a call to an employment lawyer.

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