Finding and locating a trust account as the beneficiary

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how do i find a trust fund when all i have is my name, that is on the account, as the beneficiary. i have my birthday and ssn etc. and the city/county in which the trust fund was remade etc. by colorado lawyers etc.
do i have to hire a lawyer and give him all information i can to find the trust fund? my court appointed lawyer at the time is mia and i cant find him. the appointed guardianship individual have declined to tell me who their lawyer in colorado is/was.
i have reason to believe, through admission, that the funds have been stolen out of my account.
i would like to locate the account, but i dont have any account numbers or names of lawyers. only my name, the beneficiary, and the names of the court appointed guardianships, who decline to talk to me or give me any information,

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i have contacted the DA, he hasnt been much help and hasnt responded with any helpful information. i need to know what information I need to locate the account besides my name, birthday etc and names of the guardianships. i know the city and county it was set up.

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  1. Christopher Daniel Leroi

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    Answered . The DA (a prosecutor handles CRIMINAL cases and would have NO information about this whatsoever), so I am not sure exactly why you would be contacting the DA. Trusts are meant to be secretive and are not normally filed or lodged with the Court. There is a form designating a living trust that can and should be filed with the clerk and recorder's office in the county. Check with the local clerk and recorder's office in the county in which it was created. I am not exactly sure why you can not find your prior attorney or why the guardian refuses to tell you who their attorney was. I definitely would sit down with an attorney with an paperwork that you do have to see if they can help you find the trust. If it was a guardianship that went through the court, you reference a court-appointed attorney, you should be able to find the file and the guardianship or trust documentation.

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  2. Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

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    Answered . I am sorry that you are still having no luck locating the trust account. Since no one is sharing information with you, you will need to retain an experienced attorney who can attempt to locate the data which you are seeking. Good luck to you.

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  3. Mark Patchin Miller

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    Answered . You should probably hire an attorney who handles Trusts or Elder Law to help you locate the Trust. If you believe that it was prepared by your parents or other family members, do you know if they had a regular attorney with who they worked. If so, you might want to contact that person or entity to inquire whether they drafted a Trust for your benefit.

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