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Finding a probono lawyer to protect my rights as an insured homeowner, against 2 attorneys and an insurance company. Bad faith

Anderson, CA |

A girl that was high on meth and drunk fell on my dog while trying to kiss it. My insurance company did almost zero investigation and settled the claim paying her $2500. The 1st attorney hired didn't do anything, I forced them to fire him. The second lied to us making us think we were going to trial and would win only to then call us and tell us a nuisance settlement had been done & was already final. I feel that as an insured homeowner, I had a right to have the claim investigated. I showed everything I have to another attorney. They informed me that none of what has been done here was legal and that I am in the right, have been financially damaged, but that I would have to pay for them to fight it. Nothing was done to protect my rights or do what was in my best in my best interest here

I guess what I am really looking for s a lawyer to take this on a contingency basis. I have spoken to several attorneys that have reviewed all facts in this case, They have clearly told me that what this insurance company and the 2 law firms they hared have done is violate the law and the contracts they had with me. The fact is that people keep saying an insurance company can settle any claim they choose. The law gives consumers the right to a defense and investigation from both the attorney and insurance company, it also entitles the consumer to have decisions be based upon what is in their best interest. This was not done, I asked my lawyer to stop the settlement offer and he refused.

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    Let's step back and focus on the most important issue that you have not mentioned. You keep saying you were damaged. How so and what did that cost you exactly? Without a viable basis for actual "damage" any case is worthless.

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  2. You posted this question yesterday and received numerous responses -- all of them concurring and explaining in detail that these facts do not add up to a sound bad faith claim. Now you want an attorney to take that same set of unsound legally insufficient facts and bring a case on your behalf for free.

    It is a fact that sometimes askers here do not really want to know the law, nor do they want information about their rights under the law. What they want is for the law to provide a different result than it does in fact. Fair enough. We have all felt that way from time to time on specific matters.

    But it is not feasible to expect a licensed professional to take up your cause and provide extensive, time-consuming, professional services as a gift, especially where the law does not support the claim and the attorney will have no basis for expecting eventual compensation. Especially where those services will cause unwarranted expenses for an opposing party. And especially where the rules applicable to ethical professional conduct and legal practice prohibit attorneys from binging a case where there is no basis in law or fact.

    This is the real world of law practice.

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  3. Pro bono is usually not for "money" cases. If the case appears to have some potential, you may be able to find an attorney to take your case on a contingent fee basis. Please consult with competent counsel if you require a more specific answer.