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I was recently arrested at a major sporting event in the West Central (FL) area for selling counterfeit goods which were later actually authenticated to be genuine articles. Unfortunately the the goods had a perishable value to them, and by the time i recovered the items they were virtually worthless. I also had my name broadcast worldwide as a counterfeiter. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to pursue at civil rights /false arrest lawsuit against the municipality, and other parties that participated in this; I have spoken to a few attorneys, but it seems rather difficult to find anybody that wants to sue a municipality or police department .My hard damages equal around 20K. Any ideas?

Saint Petersburg, FL -

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Derek B Brett

Derek B Brett

Civil Rights Attorney

It's not an easy call. Many civil rights attorneys are sole practitioners, and are forced to take cases that will allow for them to pay their bills, support their families, and otherwise survive. From what you have stated, it does appear that you might have a claim, and that claim could exceed even a hard material damages estimate of $20K. But first, you need to be prepared to find a competent civil rights attorney -- and you may need to be prepared to invest some of your own money to press a suit that could go on -- easily -- for a couple of years.

Derek Brett
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