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Financial liablity for penalties and restitution awarded against my spouse? If the crime occured prior to our meeting

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My wife is being charged with a Federal white collar crime and she is concidering a plea deal. If she accepts a plea deal and is awarded financial damages, can I be held liable to repay those damages because we are married at the time of her sentencing? The alledged crime took place before we even met and I have zero involvement it the commision of any part of these charges. We have no communal assets and she is unemployed.

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  1. No this is her debt.

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  2. You can not be held responsible for the damages unless you voluntarily assume liability, which you would be foolish to do. Good Luck, Paul Neuharth 619-231-0401

  3. California is a Community Property state. Under California's community property guise you would likely not be held liable for your wife's alleged crimes that took place before your relationship, unless, like counsel stated, you voluntarily assumed liability for the damages, which you have likely not done.

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  4. All indications are you should be OK given the fact the offense(s) predated your marriage.

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  5. I'd have to agree with the others based on the info you provided, no.

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