Filling taxes with my ITIN. Can i get money back with a Valid Social Security number

ive been attending college for the past 4yrs and been filling taxes with my ITIN. i recently got my work permit and my social security number. when i file my taxes with year, can i claim money from the previous years since they were done with the ITIN and not a social?

San Diego, CA -

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Armen Michael Tashjian

Armen Michael Tashjian

Trucking Accident Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

Tell your accountant to have IRS consolidate your previous taxes which you filed using a TIN, under your newly acquired SSN. Even if you do not get your prior refunds, which you should be able to get, you will get the benefit of your prior taxes when you retire.

David J. McCormick

David J. McCormick

Social Security Lawyers - Milwaukee, WI

You need to talk with your accountant or a local tax attorney.

Good luck.

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