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Filing Taxes

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My parents are Permanent residents and have just migrated to united states, they both dont have any source of income and no unemployment benefits. Do they still file taxes?

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  1. This a question for a tax attorney. If they had no income they are not required to file income taxes.
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  2. This is a tax question and should be posted in that forum. LPR need to file taxes if the law requires it

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  3. If the entered the United States before December 31 of 2011 and had no income for that period of time they need not file this year. If they entered after January 1 of 2012 they would have to file next year.
    A caveat: it is really hard for the government to believe that anyone can live in the United States without any source of income. Therefore, for next year they should file taxes or CIS might consider some fraud or wrongdoing and withdraw the status granted.

  4. There may still be an advantage of filing taxes such as utalizing credits for the following year(s). If they are retireed from another country and become residents of the US they may still have to file and utalize what if any tax treaty exisiting with their homeland for tax relief.

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  5. If they do not have any income they may not need to file. You do not provide enough facts to make a determination. You should see a local tax professional to evaluate their specific situation.

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