Filing amended federal tax return

i made a mistake on 2010 federal return which resulted in my receiving an inflated refund. i am filing 1040x with check for amount of my error. will this affect my 2011 return.

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Phillip Monroe Smith

Phillip Monroe Smith

Tax Lawyer - Culver City, CA

If you pay the tax with your return, it should not affect your 2011 refune because you have no outstanding tax liablity. To be safe, take the 2011 tax return and the check personally to the local office and get a receipt for the payment.

Phillip M. Smith Jr.
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Robert West

Robert West

Immigration Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Probably not.

Christopher Michael Larson

Christopher Michael Larson

Tax Lawyer - Seattle, WA

Not if you are sending a check for the remainder owed from 2010. You should receive your total 2011 refund.

Christopher Larson
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