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Filing A I-130 form

Laurel, MD |

What documentation do I need to add to send in with the I-130?

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    1. Payment as required by USCIS. Use a money order so you can track the payment. If a personal check is allowed, use that instead.
    2. Cover Letter. Should include a description of what your are petitioning for (I-130), a table of contents (list everything in the packet). If you need additional room to explain your case, attach a separate sheet (list the attachment on the cover sheet). Make sure to sign and date the cover sheet.
    3. Form I-130: Petition for Alien Relative
    4. Copy of the Full Birth certificate (front and back) for the US Citizen or a copy of ALL pages of the US Citizen's passport. This is used to establish citizenship.
    5. A copy of petitioner's proof of naturalization. (If applicable)
    6. A copy of petitioner's proof of permanent residency. (If applicable)
    7. A copy of the intending immigrant's birth certificate and/or passport along with English translation. (If in any language other than English)
    8. A certified copy of your certified marriage certificate (again, translated if not in Engligh)
    9. A certified official copy of the petitioner's and/or intending immigrant's divorce documents. (If one or both of you have been divorced before)
    10. A copy of a prior spouse's death certificate. (If filing for a spouse, and one or both have you were married before, and the prior spouse died)
    11. G-325A filled out by the US Citizen, signed and dated.
    12. One passport-type photo (see specification) of the US Citizen. Write the full name on the back. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag "Photo of ". Attach the bag to a sheet of paper and place behind the corresponding G-325a.
    13. G-325A filled out by the foreign spouse signed and dated.
    14. One passport-type photo (see specification) of the foreign spouse. Write the full name of the beneficiary on the back. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag "Photo of (insert name) ". Attach the bag to a sheet of paper and place behind the corresponding G-325a.
    15. Evidence of a bonafide marriage (see note below for what to include)

  2. Assuming this is for your spouse, you would need 2 passport photos of each of you, birth certificates for each of you, along with English translation, passport, US visa & I-94 card if the foreign national is currently in the US, 2 notarized letters from US citizen or permanent resident relatives or friends attesting to the bona fide nature of the marriage, proof of petitioning spouse's US citizenship, any divorce decrees or death certificates from any previous marriages, and then evidence of the relationship that can include joint accounts, joint bills, leases, bank accounts, phone records, emails exchanged, proof of travel together, photos, birth certificates for any children born to the relationship, etc. The evidence should span the length of the relationship. You each would also need to complete form G-325. Good luck! I am happy to assist you.

  3. Read I-130 instructions on

    NYC EXPERIENCED IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS; email:; Phone: (866) 456-­8654; Fax: 212-964-0440; Cell: 212-202-0325. The information contained in this answer is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

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