Filed for deferred adjudication for a PI charge last week, but received speeding citation yesterday in different county...?

[TX] Last week I filed for deferred adjudication for a public intoxication charge in County A with Local PD\DA, but yesterday I received a speeding citation in County B by TxDPS. Trying to figure out my situation, and if the speeding citation will result in a conviction of the PI charge even though it was a non-alcohol related offense and both citations are in differing counties\cities. I haven't received a speeding citation in the past year so I think I'm eligible for deferral\defensive driving, although I'm unsure of my eligibility due to my previous circumstances.

Lubbock, TX -

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Ryan Joseph Mitchell

Ryan Joseph Mitchell

Criminal Defense Attorney - Houston, TX

It is up to the court to decide what to do. I do know that sometimes the class C charge banks are not linked court to court. Place B may not even know about place A. Follow the advice on the site and hire an attorney who has experience in traffic court to help you out.

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David B Pittman

David B Pittman

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Fort Myers, FL

Consult a traffic ticket lawyer to help you handle the speeding citation. It will be money well spent.

Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Personal Injury Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer and fight it.

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