Filed for a Restraining Order, got a Hearing date. Hired an attorney, respondent went unprepared. Next date was status update

Set by Judge. Parties were not to go, only counsel for both. My attorney arrived almost an hour late due to some issue. Case got tossed out. What is next? Motion for re hearing? I can't be liable for the attorney that I paid not showing up. Serving respondent os very difficult too, since he has no fixed residence or job.

Fort Lauderdale, FL -

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Jennifer Ann Jacobs

Jennifer Ann Jacobs

Family Law Attorney - Winter Park, FL

Unfortunately, the party is often held responsible for the actions of the attorney. If the court dismissed the case without prejudice you will have to refile. If the court dismissed with prejudice you will not be able to do anything further, although I highly doubt the court would do this. Being that it is a DV injunction, you should not have to pay for refiling or for service again.

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