Filed "Answer" in lieu of Motion to Quash to comply with "5 day" requirement due to limited legal advice avail during Xmas

UD was improperly served (Sun. 12/22); it was rolled-up and inserted between apt. doorknob and door frame. Should I file an amended Answer to include Motion to Quash (re: improper service) in addition to photos, cps. of checks and other defensive data not completely/sufficiently addressed in original (rushed) Answer filed on 12/27 (rush-filed to comply w/ 5 day requirement - due to lack of legal advice avail. during the Xmas holidays) or let it remain (play-out).

Los Angeles, CA -

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Michael Raymond Daymude

Michael Raymond Daymude

Real Estate Attorney - Sherman Oaks, CA

An answer constitutes a general appearance. You can no longer contest personal jurisdiction via a motion to quash. If you wish to amend your answer, you must first obtain leave of court via motion unless the plaintiff will stipulate, although since you have answered "improper service" is no longer an issue you can raise.

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