Fighting to get broken lease off of record

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In 2009, I got an apartment with my then boyfriend. About a month later, he and I were on the verge of splitting up. We went to the office, and signed my name off the lease. In this hand written agreement, it states I wouldn't be held responsible for anything if he left or didn't pay rent. We signed the document, gave it back to the staff in the front, and I moved out. About a year or so later, I get a phone call from the apartments trying to reach my ex. I said he wasn't able to be reached at this number, gave them a number to contact him, and they said "You are being held responsible and will have to pay too." They stated they didn't have the signed sheet in our file, but when asked to see my file they couldn't produce it. So, what do I do? Keep writing the credit bureau or start paying?

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    Answered . Ideally, try to locate the letter. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can formally dispute any thing on your credit report with any of the credit bureaus and/or the creditor directly. They then have to respond.

  2. Kevin Matthew Koel

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    Answered . The problem for you is that you probably do not have a copy of the handwritten agreement. Thus, it is going to be their word against yours. If you have another person who witnessed the transaction, that would help you. You could keep fighting until they file suit, then try to reach a settlement. Depending on the amount owed, you probably should go speak with an attorney.

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    Answered . If you have a copy of the handwritten agreement signed by you, ex-boyfriend, and apartment manager or representative, write a letter to all three credit bureaus denying responsibility for the debt on the lease agreement. If you don't have a copy, did your ex-boyfriend have one? Try to get one if he kept a copy. Consult with an attorney with experience in consumer, debt collection, and debt reporting laws for direction and action.

    Good luck!

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