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Fighting a losing battle. Grandparents have court ordered visitation and won't follow ADHD diet of the kids, tell kids to lie...

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My children have ADHD. They have medicine to take and my youngest also has had foods removed through a long year of elimination diet, which apply to both children. The kid's Doctor wrote on a prescription paper to not give my youngest certain categories. They get them one weekend a month, a week in the summer, and Christmas break. I have told and even included a note that states what else they do not eat, like soda, caffeine. They claim they will follow what the doctor wrote, but refuse to remove anything else. Their my children and I have seen the horrible affect of the foods I listed. Their bodies aren't use to them and they have a food high and their body crashes. 7 days for their bodies to get back to normal which is unnecessary and puts a strenuous amounted of unneeded harm on them.

I have begged, pleaded with the grandparents to follow their diet and what we removed for their health. They come home every visit with headaches, tummy aches, and their bodies are crashing from the sugar and junk food high. 7 days my poor children regret eating the things, they have ADHD they need help revisiting not stuffing them with it. Lie to your parents they won't know, HA! I'm their mother, I can tell. The grandparents have stated they don't care and they refuse to even listen to the kids routine, another issue, the kids need structure, consistency, etc. They are encouraging lying, which leads to misbehavior, etc. Can we terminate since they refuse to follow ADHD diet? Neglect, abuse, and interfering with our parent child relationship to try to make theirs strong (lie to parents) if we goto court I will have to file, no lawyer, think judge will terminate?

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You chances of success are dependent upon the proof you are able to put before the Court. If it can be demonstrated and proved that they are not following a prescribed diet and routine, then you chances are very good. However, I caution you, you must have admissible proof. For this you will need the assistance of an attorney. You will most likely need expert testimony as well as proof the the grandparents are engaging in the conduct you allege. If will all depend upon the best interests of the children. I may be the Court will order the grandparents to follow the prescribed diet and routine or limit their visitation in such a way that eliminates the harm. There are a lot of things the Courts can do, including terminating the visitation. Again, it all depends on your admissible proof and what the Court determines is in the best interests of the children.


I agree with John, you need documented proof of harm. Have you taken them to a doctor right after their visit? What about a psychologist for the lying? Finally, what does the Permanent Parenting Plan say? You can always request to go back through mediation and modify the Permanent Parenting Plan to add those restrictions. Then, of they do not follow the restrictions, you can possibly Petition for Contempt.

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