Felony 23153(a), Felony 23153(b), Felony 20001(a), Felony 11377(a) all under CVC...whats the best hope for me in this situation.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Chico, CA

First time being charged with anything i just was at the wrong place at the wrong time...I just want to get an idea of what mess im got my self in and what can i do to help my self get out of this.

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    Answered . Best thing you can do is get an experienced DUI attorney. Don't try to handle this yourself, you will only be getting in more trouble.

    You will need to request a DMV hearing within 10 days from the accident or risk having your license automatically suspended. Contact a local attorney immediately, they can request the hearing for you, discuss the details of the arrest and go from there.

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    Answered . You need to consult with an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible. I do not know the facts of your case, but the charges are serious.

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    Answered . First off...11377 is Health and safety code...

    This is a case that deals with possession, DUI, and from the charge conduct that shows disregard. You need an attorney to really look at the facts to begin fighting for you.

    It is key that you hire the best locally experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you that you can afford. You should obtain a free consultation as soon as possible. Good luck.

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    Answered . You start by consulting with a lawyer, in person, in the office to explain the details. There are too many variables for any attorney on this website to explain the possible outcomes. Most criminal attorneys will provide a free consultation.

    Get help fast - you need it. good luck

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The definition, charges, and penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) vary by state and depend on a number of factors.

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