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Fast how do you get bonded it for same charge when already on bond for it

Abilene, TX |

DShort story I was attrested for criminal mischief state jail felony it was indicted but not read when grand jury examine the charge every said bond was exessive and not enough evidence,it was thrown out by what was told to my bondsman told but the filed another charge of larcey misd bond set at 5000. Once bonded out called to find out about charge police dept told me they was nevera warrant issued for larcey that it was only indictment to be served due to the bond was exessive and was lower to 5000 when original was set at 7500, but contact my attroney but her isn't doing anything and told me they havent sent papers sayin they were dropped, I have contact district with warrant number shw has no idea try ro da ahe refused to tell me amythimg cuz I had court lawy.on 1 char but wasnt app 2

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  1. You have so many misspelling and jibberish it is almost impossible to understand what you are saying. There is no such thing as "larceny" in Texas. The grand jury says nothing about a bond - they don't even deal with the issue of bond in any manner. If you were arrested on one charge but the grand jury indicted on a different one, then I guess they could issue a warrant (although generally they would notify your attorney and just assign the bond from one case to another.) Prosecutors cannot talk with people charged with criminal offenses who are represented by their lawyers.

    You can get a copy of the original charging instrument and the indictment from the district clerk's office in your county.

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