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Family problems

Fort Worth, TX |

Okay im 14 and so is my boyfriend and we are going to have a baby there is no way I can tell my parents a because they already yell and scream at me hit me throw stuff at me I just know that me and my boyfriend are getting married and is there anyway I could move in with him I ran away from my problems already but it didnt help she hit me again and idk she is going crazy I just need to get out this house he has money to support all of us its just if we get married could I move in with him without my parents consint

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Because you are 14, you can't get married without your parents' consent and if you run away they'll just send you back to your parents. If your parents are hitting you, you should tell a teacher or counselor. In fact talking to a counselor at school may be the best thing right now. You have a baby to protect and you are little more than a baby yourself, so you need to get into a safe and supportive environment and that won't happen unless you talk to someone.

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  2. You need to talk to an adult about your situation! Find a teacher or counselor you trust and share with them what you are going through. You might also consider calling the edna Gladney Center in Ft. Worth and ask to speak to a counselor.