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I have a friend that is having problems with the mother of his child. He is not on child support yet but, dealing with the mother is becoming a major issue due to he is not in a relationship with her and she is not taking it likely. What does he need to do? When he wants to be there and take on his responsibility but she is not allowing him.

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He needs to file a Petition to Establish Paternity, Parenting Plan and child support. Good luck.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.


He needs to file a Petition to Determine Paternity to establish his rights and then he will have an obligation to pay child support.

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He needs to file a paternity suit. In that suit he can get his rights and responsibilities established by the court.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq. We do not have an attorney-client relationship. I am not your lawyer. The statements I make do not constitute legal advice. Any statements made by me are based upon the limited facts you have presented, and under the premise that you will consult with a local attorney. This is not an attempt to solicit business. This disclaimer is in addition to any disclaimers that this website has made. I am only licensed in Florida.


In Florida, there are five ways to establish paternity:

-Marriage: The parents are married to each other when the child is born
-Acknowledgement of Paternity: The unmarried couple signs a legal document in the hospital when the child is born, or later
-Administrative Order Based on Genetic Testing: Paternity is ordered if a genetic test proves fatherhood
-Court Order: A judge orders paternity in court
-Legitimation: The mother and natural father get married to each other after the child is born and update the birth record through the Florida Office of Vital Statistics

Best of luck to your friend! BTW, you are a good friend to search out legal answers for him!

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