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Can I sue my ex for slander? He has told judge that I am a prostitute, drug addict, broke into his home, pulled knife on him and threatened to kill him, put a drug in his drink and he awoke my having a knife to his neck, I am a sex addict, etc! He is wealthy!

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    There is no lawsuit here for slander. As difficult as it is to read these words, its best to not focus on getting even by starting another legal battle. Put the focus on yourself and know that judges in Family Law hear this stuff daily and don't buy into it. Words mean nothing without corroborating evidence. I assume you have a lawyer. If not get one.

  2. Slander is "spoken" defamation. So, it sounds like your ex spoke these statements to the judge during testimony. If that is the case, unfortunately you can NOT sue for slander. While these statements would be considered "slander per se", meaning that they are defamatory on their face - you don't need to prove anything else other than that the person said these statements. However, testimony is considered "privileged" speech. Because we all want witnesses testifying to feel free to do so, the laws prevent people from being charged with slander while giving testimony.
    If he has made those statements somewhere out of court to others, then there may be a case for slander, provided that they are false.

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  3. No. You can't. Thete is a litigation privilege. No one believes these things.
    Every judge hears them.

    Welcome to divorce court.

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