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Family Law, why can't I find my case number in the court ca gov?

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My x-wife is in contempt of court order and i have filed police reports about 50 times. But, why can't I find my case number in the court ca gov on the computer? Is my Family Law case bogus?

Three times abandonment has been thrown out by the judge. My x-wife is fileing abandonment charges again. My x-wife had a bence warrant for contempt of court order. Nothing is happening for my rights to visit with my children. Is something wrong with Kern County Court system? What exactly are the steps for the first abandonment charge thrown out and why is my x-wife able to deceive the everyone? Is it because she is a woman?

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You may be looking in the wrong place. For online case info, try:

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Your case number would be found in the superior court in the county where the case is filed. There is not a uniform system in California to find a family law court case number. Additionally, some courts will not allow a name search unless you personally go to the court house. For example in Los Angeles, you can use a case number to look up the status of a case through their online system, but if you only have the last name of the party, you must go to the courthouse to look up the case number.

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I have a case number?


If your case is a paternity action you cannot find out about it online. Paternity actions are confidential and can only be accessed by the parties or their attorneys.



I have a case number. Yes, I am a party to this case.

Edmund Lee Montgomery

Edmund Lee Montgomery


If it is a paternity case it is not availble on line. You might have to check with the court cllerk to get any information concerning your case.

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