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I have bank accounts that I had prior to the marriage. During the marriage we never had joint bank accounts and always maintained our money separate. Can I argue that the money in my accounts is non-marital? Not sure if it matters, but we were married for 5 years and no children.

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  1. Melissa Moore Stockham

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    Answered . Do whatever is necessary to try to get face time with an attorney today. Also, you may wish to consider asking for a continuance in the name of hiring counsel to help you. Good luck!

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  2. Ophelia Genarina Bernal-Mora


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    Answered . I have attached a link to FL statute 61.075. Please review thoroughly.

    It is a bit late in the game here with trial tomorrow but with these type of questions last minute it is clear you really need an attorney.

    Without having a clear picture of all the financial discovery - I would surely argue that the funds are marital if I was your spouse's attorney. But again, I do not think any attorney can give a straight answer without having reviewed all financial discovery.

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  3. Eunice Gedeon

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    Answered . Without a full analysis of the financial discovery, we cannot give you a COMPLETE/ ADEQUATE answer. You should consult an ATTORNEY ASAP who can review your full financials and advise you accordingly.
    Generally, you can argue that assets that accrued prior to the marriage is non-marital assets. One can argue that it was kept separate and never "commingled" and therefore marital property.

    The other side can argue that marital funds were placed in there and therefore commingling occurred, making it marital property.

    The other side can also argue that the enhancement in value of that bank account that occurred during the marriage is marital property whether or not its in your name alone. 

    Again, every case is different and outcomes are fact-specific. So, without enough information, we can't provide a complete answer to your question.

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  4. Michelle Rene Fernandez

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    Answered . There are a lot of factors to consider with this one. The statute is clear in stating marital assets and liabilities are "[a]ssets acquired and liabilities incurred during the marriage, individually by either spouse or jointly by them." Your earnings during the marriage goes from you to us after the ceremony. I agree that the best advice is to get an attorney and ask for a continuance to give that attorney time to go through all documents.

  5. William Charles Rosenfelt


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    Answered . You definitely need to read that statute...61.075. It's hard to help people the day before a trial. Good luck!

    Bill Rosenfelt 407-462-8787 (Orlando/Longwood/Central Florida)

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  6. Jennifer Lynn Todd

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    Answered . I agree with the attorneys who have previously responded to your question. Please review FL statute 61.075 carefully. There are a lot of factors to consider here. The best advice is to ask for a continuance informing the Judge that you would like to hire legal counsel and to meet with an attorney asap so you and the attorney can discuss your options, rights and legal arguments. It is late in the game but I hope the Judge grants the continuance. Good luck!

  7. Lee Alan Thompson

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    Answered . You got some very good advice here. Hope it worked out for you.

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