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Falsely accused of theft by Walmart. Took case to trial and found not guilty after arrest. Can I sue?

Atlanta, GA |

I was a Walmart employee of 1 year and was fired from my job because of a theft accusation by the Wamart Loss Prev, I went to work on this particular day and was called into the back room by supervisor. I was badgered with questions for a hour about a laptop that I knew nothing about. I left the room because of frustration but as I tried to leave I was escorted back by 5 police officers in the store. I was questioned further until I refused to speak. I was then arrested and charged with the theft of the laptop. I took the case to trial and after 2 years of court dates, I was found not guilty. My name has been slandered! The theft was on my background check the entire time. Also if my name was "Googled" or put in any search engine, this was the first thing to pop up. Can I sue?

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You may have an action against Walmart. However I would need more information about your case in order to further evaluate your case.


You may have an action against Walmart.


It depends on whether Wal-Mart was negligent in thinking that you stole the laptop. Wal-Mart is going to say, "just because he wasn't convicted doesn't mean he didn't do it." I.e., Wal-Mart won't say "we got it wrong." Wal-Mart will say "the jury got it wrong."

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