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Falsely accused harassment DV-man broke up with his gf and asked her to leave his apt in which she had been staying at

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,she refused. he decided to leave to avoid the argument from escalating. She had been drinking and was acting crazy. When he was walking out to leave she grabbed the front of his shirt from behind him and ripped it. i got in between them and held her back so he could leave. She was flipping her arms and head around, screaming, and very belligerent. She raised her fist at the me and I grabbed both her arms. She is anemic/has iron deficiency/bruises easily. This bruise came from me holding her back because he never put his hands on her. However, after everything the cops interviewed her son who lives downstairs he gave the false statements. He did not witness anything because he was downstairs.there were three witnesses but he was still arrested based on false statements by her son advice?

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I am not really seeing a question in here. But for general knowledge, Domestic Violence charges can have serious repercussions and should be taken seriously. I would strongly recommend that the person who is charged speak with a criminal defense attorney right away. If they cannot afford an attorney they should request a Public Defender.

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Situations similar to what you are describing happen all the time, unfortunately. What he needs to do is hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to get working on his case. This may not get settled prior to having a trial. If he cannot afford to hire a private attorney, he needs to hire a public defender.

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I agree with my colleagues and will add that in cases where the accuser is really the perpetrator and the police and prosecutors get it wrong as a result of false reporting and perjury by prosecution witnesses, it is critical that the defendant be represented by competent defense trial counsel and hopefully, counsel can conduct a thorough enough investigation of the circumstances and witnesses to be able to bring out persuasive evidence of the truth during or before a trial.

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