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False restraining order filed against me.

Sacramento, CA |

I had a neighbor file a false restraining order against me. in the restraining order the woman flat out lies and has committed perjury. as a cop was here the day my landlord went into her house. she states in the restraining order i went into her house. the cop is writing a letter to prove otherwise. since the woman obviously lied to get this restraining order against me, what can i do to have this overturned and possibly get her punished for filing a false restraining order?

to clarify, the woman stated i went into her house and she now has jewelry missing. an officer was present the entire time my landlord was in her house (as she was not home) and he had every legal ground to be inside her home...hence the officer. she filed a restraining order against me saying i was in her house and she now has jewelry missing...i was never in her house and i am getting a written statement from the officer stating i never entered her home.

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There is no reason to try to contest the restraining order, as there would be no reason to have contact with a person who files a restraining order against you. Stay away from the person so you don't violate the order and so you avoid getting arrested. Put this behind you.

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It is very hard to understand the facts you are giving , if there is a criminal case pending and she has a restraining order tehn you must stay away as the other attoreny said. If there is a case pending i doubt a police office is going to write a letter, the letter would not be admissible anyway. You need an attorney, before you get in more trouble

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there is no criminal case pending. this woman went and filed a restraining order against me which was literally filled with lies. i am gathering all the evidence i can today to prove she has committed perjury. i have not done anything wrong and this woman will still not leave me alone. now she is involving the court system and wasting taxpayers dollars.


I agree that you simply stay away and put the mater behind you. You may want to file a report with the police dept. advising them that the person filed a false report. They may or may not follow up and investigate it. At a minimum, they will have a record of her filing a prior false report if she does it again in the future.

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