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False charges,injured duriing arrest,restraining order permanate nothing showing proofsevice. harrasment police.more

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look the police are currupt and scandlis. THEY INTIMADATE AND HARRASE no more. not a lawyer up here will go after them. guess why,and i was arrested wrongfully and charged wrongfully. and theres a restrainuing order prior to this brought by coersen, An DA biased and discrimantive. have a public defender who thinks the case will die away, 9charges there has been a recent personal trauma in my family. thats confidential until we meet. and my son is suffering because of it. you have know idea really and its huge. anuale hearing family court 26th truckee over my son, who i dont have custody of. but has been tacking care of past 6yrs.look nothing is ever a garuntee but going to prison a long time for something i truly didnt do. is. if this doesnt work out please take it over before sentancing

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Is there a question to answer? I hope your public defender is right and the case is ultimately dismissed.


You have not posed a question to be answered. I am not so sure what you meant by stating that your public defender thinks the case will die away. If you have criminal charges against you, nothing will die away, unless is dismissed in court. Please clearly pose your question so Avvo attorneys can respond to you.



i did three times so keep up please i dont have time to keep doing this if you want call me 7758705997 ill be happy to explain. plus my fingers are hurting

John M. Kaman

John M. Kaman


He made a request which should be clear to everyone who responded. He wants someone to help him before sentencing. Why don't you volunteer? Truckee's nice this time of year.


I agree that there is no question here. You have an attorney.. Work with you attorney.

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