False allegations against me concerning my son someone called dcf saying I abused or neglected my son can't dcf determin that

On nov 21 2012 someone called dcf staten that me and my girlfriend are neglected my son which is a lie can't dcf see that someone making up lies regarding me and my girlfriend against my son who we love very much that it's a bogus allegation

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Karen M. Buckley

Karen M. Buckley

Family Law Attorney - Newton, MA

If DCF receives a report of neglect, they initially screen it in or out, depending upon the source and nature of the claim. If it is screened in, they will do an investigation, which can include a home visit, speaking with the child (depending upon his age), as well as school personnel. If there is basis for the claim, they will close the case as unsupported. You will be notified in writing as to the outcome of the investigation. If it is deemed to be supported, you have the opportunity to contest the finding at an administrative hearing.

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Todd Allen Davidson

Todd Allen Davidson

Family Law Attorney - Plainville, MA

If the allegations are not true, then DCF should investigate and close their case. Fortunately and unfortunately, anybody can report neglect. If you hear nothing from DCF for many weeks, they have most likely closed their case. Even if they do not close their case immediately and decide to meet with you, just be honest. What some people thought was neglect is just a misunderstanding or harassment. Best of luck!

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