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Asked over 1 year ago - Birmingham, AL

I applied for a position which was orginally full time, yet the only way to get the job was to go for the part time position. I signed up for part time but as it stands I am not even getting 20 hours a week is this allowed?

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  1. Toni Jacqueline Braxton

    Contributor Level 6


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    Answered . An employer is allowed to dictate the terms of employment, as long as they do not discriminate in the process and they pay you appropriately for the time you work.

  2. Christine C McCall


    Contributor Level 20


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    Answered . Yes, it is allowed. You don't have to accept work on these terms, but the employer is allowed to hire you part-time if you are willing.

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  3. Karen Elizabeth Eichman

    Contributor Level 11


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    Answered . Yes, this is allowed.

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  4. Jennifer L. Ellis


    Contributor Level 18


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    Answered . Advertising a job is different from advertising a product. Positions change, what a company requires changes, and the company is entitled to manage the job as it feels is appropriate, unless there is a written contract you both signed to the contrary. So yes, it is legal.

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