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False acquisitions/ False Report

Chillicothe, OH |
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I have a towing company filing a police reports stating that they pulled me out of a ditch and that i drove off and never paid. They gave the police my license plate # and that I was wearing a prison uniform. They say they pulled me out at 1300 on 15 January 2009.

On the date in questions i was scheduled to work ( Corrections Officer) in which arrived at 1330. At 1314 i was at subway picking up my lunch for that day (2nd Shift ( 1400- 2200), and at 1318 i was a gas station getting my drinks for work. I have receipts showing that i was at these locations and at what time. The location that they say they pulled me out of the ditch is 15 miles away from where i work. All the information they have they could have got while I am just driving down the road. My time line shows that i was never in the area and i was on the opposite side of town. I am wanting to know how i should go about handling these false acquisitions against me. And what kinda of laws the towing company broke and what are the penalty they will face for a false report thanks for your time.

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It sounds like you have things well under control. Make several copies of your receipts. Don't relinquish control of the originals. If you are contacted by the police, provide them with your documentation and time-line. If you are sued by the tow company, take your original receipts and copies with you to court, and present you time-line and support it with you documents. If you use your time card have it certified as being an accurate business record by your HR department before you go to court.

Disclaimer: I am not offering legal advice. I am just making suggestions for starting points for when you do speak with an attorney. Do NOT rely on anything I write and contact a lawyer.

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