Failure to pay child support, arrerage, and half the medical bills. Can I file for contempt of court or "deadbeat dad" in AZ?

My ex has not paid for anything since the court orders came through, he is now over $1200 behind in child support and hundreds of dollars behind in refunding his half of the medical bills. I've been in contact with the courts who have tried twice to get the paperwork to him to set up payments. The first time they were sending it to an employer he was no longer working for and the second time, I'm not sure whats happened but there have still been no payments of any kind. What are my options? What can I do? Thank you.

Scottsdale, AZ -

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Patrick S Sampair

Patrick S Sampair

Child Support Lawyer - Mesa, AZ

It is time to file an Expedited Enforcement Action and take him back to court for non-payment. It doesn't matter that you or the court are unaware of his current employer. The Court Order specifically states that he must make the child support payments directly through the Clearing House at any time that a Wage Assignment is not in place. In Maricopa County, we have Accountability Court, a great program to assist you in collecting unpaid child support and co-pays and educating him on the importance of obeying Court Orders.

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