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Failure to appear could result in the Court granting a DEFAULT SUMMARY JUDGMENT for the Plaintiff..what is this:??

Sherman, TX |

after talking to you the last time you suggested I write a written letter to the court and to the credit card co., the plaintiff..I did that and said what you told me to say..Now I get a letter with the court date of Dec 6th at 10:00 AM saying as above on Failure to appear. On a Default Summary Judgment, what will they do to me?? can they arrest me? I am on SS and SSI and I am 72 yrs old, and only make 700.00 dollars a month..

I have not been served with default summary yet..

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This forum is no substitute for getting legal advice directly from a lawyer. What three notice means is that the plaintiff is going to get a judgment against you unless a proper response is filled. You cannot go to jail over an unpaid credit card and your social security money should be exempt.

I am licensed only in Texas. Offering information of a general nature in response to a question is not intended to be legal advice in your state.

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Thank you, Mr. Armstrong..And I do live in the state of Texas..

Gary Alan Armstrong

Gary Alan Armstrong


You are welcome.


I agree with Mr. Armstrong.

No lawyer can properly or adequately advise you on how to deal with this situation on this or any other website. If you do not get a lawyer to represent you, you will almost certainly lose the lawsuit.

I understand that you believe you cannot afford to pay a lawyer, but that does not necessarily mean you cannot get legal representation. I suggest you contact Lone Star Legal Aid and/or your local county bar association. Lawyers can be made available to people who can pay only a very limited fee, or even no fee at all, provided they meet certain financial guidelines.

Good luck.

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