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Failed UA positive for THC, first violation will my probation be revoked?

Fort Worth, TX |

on probation for obtaining a c/s by fraud schedule III/IV, have no previous criminal history, no other failed UA's, I have been on probation since 12/19/2008, and have a medical history a mile long and so used it to "self medicate" due to severe pain. what is the likelyhood that my probation will be revoked with this being my first and only time to have any probation violations? I have already done the drug classes, will they make me repeat them? more frequent ua's aren't a problem, I just don't want to go to jail.

I also forgot to mention that I am on deferred adjudication probation.

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Even though you are on deferred adjudication probation, you have no priors, no other dirty, UAs, and have what seems to be a reasonable "Excuse", the judge could still adjudicate you (instead of revoking you because you are on deferred) guilty. if you are continued on your deferred or put on regular probation, you can probably count on having to do a lot more drug counseling as a condition of your probation, especially given that you are on a felony drug probation already.

The good news is that because you are on deferred, you are entitled to a bond as a condition of prehearing release. Call some local criminal defense attorneys to discuss your case in detail and what is likely to happen given the particular facts/circumstances of your situation.

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