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Failed my first drug test I dont know what to expect.

Altamonte Springs, FL |

I'm on probation for a 2009 case for failure to redeliver. I was given 6 months to pay off fees and what I owe to rent a center. I've been on for 3 months now, and failed my first random drug test for marijana. And i've never failed before or had any previous cases in the past besides this one. This was yesterday, and I was told that my PO is going to send my results to the lab, and that i'm going to meet with her at my next appointment in jan. I'm so nervous, i dont know if she's going to show up at my job or my house with police officers to take me away. Like I said i've never been in trouble before so i have no idea what to expect. please advise.

I forgot to mention that this is a misdemeanor probation that i'm on.

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  1. I understand why you are nervous. When you fail a drug test, the probation officer will usually be compelled to file an affidavit with the judge violating your probation. Sometimes if a lawyer can contact the PO and ask them to ask the judge to issue a summons or notice to appear as opposed to a warrant for arrest. I would also suggest you contact a drug treatment professional and enroll in counseling. it would probably be a good idea to consult with a lawyer. if it is in Seminole County or Orange or Osceola, give us a call at 407-228-3838 and mention Avvo. Take Care!

    Please be advised that answering your questions does not establish an attorney-client relationship with myself or my firm. We would be more than happy to set up a free consultation if you call us at 407-228-3838 and specifically mention AVVO or email me at and put AVVO in the subject line.

  2. As the previous atty. said in slightly different language: You need an experienced criminal defense attorney from your area. The first thing the PO and the Prosecutor will want you to do is to get a chemical Dependency Assessment and follow the recommendations (treatment). so, if you start that AHEAD of going to Court, you will look like a Superstar.

    Nothing herein shall constitute legal advice, nor has an attorney-client relationship been formed.

  3. It does not matter that you were not in trouble before as to what the PO may do. If it is felony probation the PO can require that you go to drug treatment or can violate your probation for the dirty screen. If violated you will have a warrant issued for your arrest. Should there be a warrant issued you need to surrender yourself instead of waiting to be arrested as that looks better to the judge. If you learn there is a warrant you should find out if there is bond, but in the majority of vop cases, the warrant will be no-bond. If there is a bond make arrangements with a bail bond person before you surrender yourself. By all means get a lawyer as you can recieve a jail sentence or prison due to this violation.

    Ron Slonaker, Attorney
    Ocala, FL

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